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  • i haven’t always loved London. but i sure as hell do so now. wbu?
  • daydreamer
  • top of the morning to you
  • -1 degrees but still sunny #London #Rooftop
  • a lil late to the winter party
  • just in case u haven’t noticed, i’m not in Bali anymore
  • baby needed a break
  • i love our planet #shooketh
  • come on in, the water’s fine
  • my face when I wanted to be super productive in ‘19 but i’ve been sick in bed for the past four days. #startingtheyearoffright
  • although this picture has nothing to do with the New Year aesthetic, i truly wish everyone out there to have the best year yet. i hope all of ur dreams come true, i wish you all health and happiness and i want to say thank you for following along on my adventures. it truly means the world to me 💕 have a happy happy new year!! #idontwanttoruinmyfeed #sorrynotsorry
  • intrigued